Summer 2023, I worked at Premera Blue Cross as Project Management Intern. After initially being hired as a Systems Engineering Intern, I had the unique opportunity to work with Soundwave Engineers, HR Specialists, DataHub Engineers, Vendors, Engineering Managers, and Program Managers as a Project Management Intern.


At the end of my extended internship, I was able to learn real-world applications of project management and cross-functional communication in an IT team. I was able to successfully manage, track, and ensure the delivery of an essential project in Premera’s IT goals while supporting Senior Program Manager.


Managing the implementation of the E911 RedSky system to Premera’s cloud-based Call Center move, I was tasked with creating and maintaining three deliverables: Baseline Review, Project Plan, and RAID Log.


The purpose of the Baseline Review is for the stakeholders of the project to receive update on the scope, schedule, and cost of the project. This baseline review was presented to the VP of IT and various Senior Program Managers at Premera, as this was an integral part of an essential move for Premera, ensuring legal complacency.

The the project plan was crafted and maintained throughout my time at Premera. Utilizing Smartsheet, I was able to keep an updated and collaborative document where engineers would be able to update their  progress on tasks during biweekly standup meetings led by me

The RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Decisions) Log is a log of all the risks, assumptions, issues, and decisions for the project. Since this document was to be referenced many times, it was crucial to maintain updated as it contained critical information about the project’s RAID items.